Amateur Radio Fun @ Nashville, TN


I have been acting pretty slow updating my blog lately. It’s been a month I returned from Nashville, TN.  While I’m busy setting up my station after I returned, I’m yet to post all the fun I had at Nashville.

Just a week after I was getting accustomed to the time difference and culture, I looked up for local repeaters on the echolink app. After trying couple repeaters in Nashville with no success, I connected to one at Franklin and it triggered. Couple of cq calls and I got a reply from Tom N2NUT who thought I’m calling from India because of my call sign. He was amazed that I was in Nashville. We rag chewed for almost half an hour or more. He suggested I get a cheap Baofeng if I wanted to monitor the vhf as there’s a lot of activity all day long.  Though I already owned one back home, it’s cheap and another wouldn’t hurt :). Considering the time it would take to order one for me, Tom was kind to order one through his Amazon Prime account with same day delivery and guess what? I had the Baofeng in hand next day as my stay was on the way to Tom’s daily visit to the church. Thanks Tom, God’s great!


We spent the afternoon over Chipotle (as that was the closest vegetarian place we could find) and never ending discussions about Amateur Radio, our other hobbies, cultures, blogs, and the upcoming ARRL Field Day.

Tom's car registration is his call sign. How fortunate!
Tom’s car registration is his call sign. How fortunate!

Though I missed the Dayton Hamvention by few days, I was fortunate the ARRL Field day happened just around while I visited. Tom insisted I join him  for 2  Field day events happening in Nashville/Franklin area. And I was definitely looking forward to it.

Amogh Desai

Amogh Desai

A System Admin by profession, is a tech buff and a licensed Amateur Radio operator with callsign VU3DES. He is interested in Technology, Amateur radio, Electronics home-brewing, FOSS, Photography and everything tech. He uses this blog to share his views and ideas with people sharing similar interests.
Amogh Desai

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