Pune Hams and Amateur Radio Club’s Fox Hunt


Our club PHARC (Pune Hams and Amateur Radio Club) organised a Fox Hunt at DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, Pune.  We earlier had couple of sessions of a workshop to build the famous Tape Yagi Antenna for this Fox Hunt.  Though I skipped to build one, as many as 12 such Tape Antennas were built from scrap measurement tapes and were ready for the Fox Hunt.

A Fox (low power transmitter) was built by VU2ASH.  This consisted a 16Mhz crystal working at 9th Harmonic that’s 144 Mhz and pulled a little up to work at precise frequency of 144.035. Further amplified with a 2N2222 based amp stage and some filtering added there after. Controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini. RF Power was about 40mW.

We were also joined by few team members of a local Ham club from Mumbai, Team MARI for this event.  There were 3 separate Fox Hunts conducted one after the other with three winners for each of these hunts.  Thanks to VU3MXE Devendra for lending me his Tape Antenna, I too made it to the winners list at the last Hunt 🙂

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Amogh Desai

Amogh Desai

A System Admin by profession, is a tech buff and a licensed Amateur Radio operator with callsign VU3DES. He is interested in Technology, Amateur radio, Electronics home-brewing, FOSS, Photography and everything tech. He uses this blog to share his views and ideas with people sharing similar interests.
Amogh Desai

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